Where To Buy Solar Panels Massachusetts

Whether you are looking to save money, save the environment or secure future energy generation for your home or business, we are the experts in residential and commercial rooftop installations having installed solar panels on residential and business properties throughout the Massachusetts area.

We provide a wide range of solar PV and solar thermal solutions for homes in Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. We have installed our solar panels on thousands of homes throughout MA.


Commercial Solar Panels Massachusetts

Experience top class service from a company driving the market through innovation. Our consultative approach to solar offers you industry-leading advice and solutions from financing a solar panel installation, to designing a system with your interests and motives in mind, right through to having your own designated project manager to ensure an effective installation and handover.

We also deliver excellence in health & safety, innovating new methods and techniques to work even safer to give you peace of mind whilst your business continues to operate.

Our relationship with you doesn’t stop after the installation; we offer a comprehensive operation and maintenance service to monitor your solar panels (in real-time) and respond to any faults throughout the life time of your system.

Battery Storage Solutions

Integrating a solar panel system with an onsite solar battery storage solution is also a great way to leverage additional financial and energy security benefits for your business. By storing and using all of the self-generated electricity, you can realise even greater savings, in addition to further reducing your reliance on the National Gird. Having energy stored onsite can also protect your business from power cuts and allow you to remain operational.

The Best Solar Companies in Massachusetts

As previously highlighted, we have extensive experience across all industry sectors working with a wide range of businesses from small independent retailers installing a handful of solar panels, up to multi-megawatt blue-chip manufacturing companies.

Solar Panel Carports

Our leading and bespoke solar carport innovations give you all the benefits of solar PV in addition to an enhanced experience for your staff and customers parking onsite. A solar carport also offers opportunities for further green initiatives such as electric vehicle (EV) charging, providing valued facilities for the growing EV market.

From a handful of spaces to a car park that accommodates hundreds of vehicles; solar carports allow you to landscape your carpark with the latest energy technology solutions that benefit your business, staff and visitors. Solar carports can be installed independently or in conjunction with a roof mounted PV system on your main premises.

What Are Solar Carports?

Solar carports are ground-mounted canopy constructions that stretch out over your car parking spaces. The canopy roof area – flat and slightly tilted – offers a perfect platform for solar panels to be seamlessly mounted, which also adds to the aesthetics of the structure.

The tilted roof is not only beneficial for optimising the angle of the solar panels for energy generation, but it also offers natural drainage for rain water which is then collected by guttering and channelled away. Electricity generated by the carports’ solar panels is immediately available to be used onsite.

Our solar carport designs are bespoke for each client, ensuring that constructions blend in with the aesthetics of your current buildings and sized accordingly to your electricity demand onsite.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Carports?

  • Additional roof space for generating electricity that can be used onsite
  • Financial benefits are you benefit from reduced energy bills and may also get a government subsidy
  • Reduced CO2 output. It enhances your CSR and green credentials.
  • Electric vehicle charging. You have the option to connect EV charging points for staff and visitors to charge their electric vehicles with electricity generated by the PV system, in addition to company EV’s
  • Staff & visitor benefits. In addition to the above, solar carports canopies also protect cars from the elements and keep staff and visitors sheltered when getting out of their vehicle and walking to site.
  • Visual appeal they positively transforms the look of your car park

Why use Bay State Solar MA For Your Solar Carports?

Solar carports have given us the opportunity to build on our reputation for market leading innovation where we’ve already designed and installed two of the largest solar carports canopies in Massachusetts; our experience and capability is already making us the ‘go-to company’ in this field.

Many carport solutions on the market today are ‘modular’ however our technical team design each project from scratch, bespoke to the client’s site and energy requirements.

Massachusetts Home Solar Panel Installation

For years the renewable energy market has been perceived as too expensive for the average person to reap the lucrative rewards that come with installing Solar Panels. We are here to change that. Solar technology is now so efficient that it can save you up to 50% of your electrical bill and with the Massachusetts Solar Incentives it can also save you even more per year, making the average yearly saving around $800.

To get more information on the areas of Massachusetts we cover and on Residential or Commercial solar panel installation then visit our pages below.